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The Advantage of Professional Certification

The IWCA Safety Certification Program offers the educational materials, and assessment that will help you and your team of professionals excel.

Professional Window Cleaning Companies will benefit from:
  • Employees who are more knowledgeable and safety conscious
  • Gaining greater respect from customers, many of whom are certified in their own professions
  • Obtaining a selling point that raises the level of professionalism in the industry
  • Realizing possible reduced insurance costs and other bottom line savings from improved operation
  • Through IWCA Safety Certification, window cleaners will receive the course material needed to learn the safe use of and understanding of chemicals, hand tools, ladders and other equipment that may be used to access and clean the windows of a residence or commercial building.
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  • What does it mean to be an insured company?
  • There are two basic types of insurance that a window cleaning service can carry. One is workers compensation insurance, which insures an employee in case of an injury (employer's by law are required carry this insurance). The other type of insurance is general liability insurance (to insure against accidental damage on your premises and also insures for bodily injury). Many other companies do not follow the laws regarding workers compensation insurance (they do not carry it). By not carrying insurance it puts YOU the homeowner at risk. This is because if there were an injury on your premises, you could be held liable for allowing an uninsured contractor onto your property (your homeowners policy may not cover it!).
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    window cleaning the water-fed way

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